Meet sweet Keanu and sassy Clarissa - two VERY cute bonded young kitties who were rescued as tiny babies - luckily before their fates took sadder turns. Together they form a purr-fect duo who will love and entertain you endlessly.

Keanu, a snowy white and tan tabby mix, is the epitome of a social feline. His enchanting hazel eyes hold a world of playfulness and affection, drawing you into his sweet, gentle spirit. He is extremely at ease with humans, having been hand-reared since he was found under a patio in Brooklyn, NY, at the age of one-week.

He cried so hard for his mama who couldn't be found anywhere and was rescued in the nick of time and lovingly bottle-raised in the same home as Clarissa.

Clarissa, the elegant hauspanther, exudes a regal charm with her sleek, jet-black fur. Her beauty is only surpassed by her cleverness and athletic prowess.

Her affectionate nature adds a touch of warmth to her graceful demeanor, making her the complete package. She was being dumped at a Long Island railroad station at 3 weeks old, when luckily, her current foster's neighbor brought her to the home where she was raised and still resides in search for her forever-home.

These two orphans have a shared journey, starting from their challenging beginnings to becoming inseparable siblings.

Like brother and sister, Keanu and Clarissa navigate their world with their unique qualities complementing each other in a harmonious dance of love and companionship.

Both are vetted, vaccinated, fixed, litter-trained and brimming with fun and affection. They'd be a wonderful addition to a loving, safe home! Could that be yours?
Email us at for adoption inquiries please.

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