Happy Tails



Little Lola was rescued from a very cruel situation in 2021. She was a sick little kitten who was locked up for months in a filthy basement with no light or fresh air at a store with the intent of being made into a mouser when she grew up. She didn't have any other kittens to play with and the rat poison in the store made her even more sick. At times she was locked up in a cage for days.

She was finally rescued by a kind Park Slope resident who works with a rescue group and also a main coordinator at Park Slope Cats, who took the emaciated and sad, lonely kitty and got her vet care. Park Slope resident guitarist Alex Skolnick was asked to foster her temporarily... Lola turned out to be a foster-fail.
She is hands-down one of THE most affectionate kitties ever who loves her daddy and his music. A happy tale for a Park Slope Kitty


In 2020, in a  pet store in Park Slope, Brooklyn, someone brought in a box they had found with a few holes punched in it. The store called local Park Slope kind-soul and all-out animal lover Jean to take the box. Inside was the tiniest little black kitten. Sadly his sibling had died according to the person who found the box.
Hercules was lovingly raised by a Park Slopes Cats' coordinator in her home. He had several health issues, but thanks to the vet care she provided, he grew up to become a happy healthy older kitten.

Being loving and playful, he needed a kitty companion. So his rescuer took in another kitty Gipsy and Hercules and Gipsy were finally adopted together in 2021.



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