For adoption and fostering inquiries - please email us at ParkSlopeCats@gmail.com  You can also text us at 646 907-9968

Park Slope Cats' mission is to help find fosters, adopters and resources for rescued kitties being housed mainly in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, NYC, and to also find ways to help with vet-care and food/medical needs for rescued felines. 

We work with individual rescuers, TNR-folks, as well as rescue-organizations. 

The coordinators of Park Slope Cats have a long and extensive record of decades of rescuing, volunteering, coordinating and educating the community in rescue, TNR, spaying/neutering, in vetting and finding adopters and fosters, and providing the infrastructure necessary for helping out individuals and non-profits in animal rescue. 

They have helped countless cats (& also dogs and other animals) over the years for other rescue groups in NYC - to help them find homes through their efforts in adoption centers through in-person adoption-events and volunteer orientation, through posts on social media and PetFinder (and similar platforms), creating websites and fundraisers to help animals in need, writing newsletters for community outreach, providing information through phone and email inquiries, and keeping records of vet-care, rescues, intakes and TNR-ed cats. They've also personally fostered, socialized, bottle-raised, provided vet-care, and saved a number of cats and kittens through the decades. Besides helping out rescue-groups in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, they have also helped with rescue-efforts in Canada and in other countries like India, Nepal, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Egypt, Albania and Vietnam just to name a few.

Now, at Park Slope Cats, our focus is on finding safe, loving forever and foster homes for the rescue-cats in this neighborhood in Brooklyn - the ones we've rescued on our own or those which were brought to us by others to take on their fostering/adoption process. We have already helped find several several dozens of homes in Park Slope  since 2012, and informally as far back as 2001.

We have only recently launched under our own banner, and our website is still a work in progress. We've been so busy finding homes for cats-in-need, while continuing our volunteer work with other non-profits, along with our own rescues - in addition to our day jobs - that we can only ask for your patience till we can catch up on this site.

Thank you for opening up your hearts and hearths to innocent animals.

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